How to Profit from Cloud Services

How to Profit from Cloud Services

The current cloud services market is in a significant transitory phase. But where does the future lie within this $30bn market and how can you capitalise on this opportunity? In our latest white paper we explain why the rising tide of opportunity in the cloud services market lies squarely with hosting and cloud service provides.

If you are looking to grab your share of the cloud market, then read this complimentary white paper now. Using the concepts of the bouncing ball and value migration, we provide a framework that helps those interested in cloud services; understand how to grow revenue and profit opportunity with a cloud based strategy.

Within this 8-page white paper you will learn:

  • How the concept of the bouncing ball can be applied to the cloud services market and where the ball is likely to bounce next
  • How the consumption of cloud computing has changed over the last 50 years and why the future of it lies within cloud services.
  • Why major industry analyst such as Gartner, IDC and Citigroup, are predicting that the value of internal IT spend is migrating to external cloud services spend.
  • How the three phases of value migration can be applied to the cloud services market and why companies that secure and build early momentum in the market will be rewarded with an above average increase in the valuation of their companies
  • How organisations of all sizes can employ strategies to compete within the cloud services market and win a share of the predicted growth
  • How hosting and cloud service providers can build a defensible position within the market by investing early

The time to act is now! Download this white paper and ensure you win your share and profit from the cloud services market in 2014.